You know what they say, “never look back, never think twice”. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but at least I’ve tried. Every day since the sun began to shine in my perfect world of grey, rainy blue clouds. You were the lesson I thought I’ll never learnt. We cannot decide which one uf us will destroy our way to see such abstract things as love, but we do know that our heart could not possibly be so wrong if our head has allowed him to cross your “not trespassing area" 

Not that I would change a bit of it, but was it necessary to be so damned bugger? I still don’t get it. Everything you created around me was a big fucking lie, even those moments where nobody could possibly hear a word of what was going on between us. And what a fool I were for believing in you, in all you thought you felt every time you pressed my lips, or fingers. Every time you lost yourself into my eyes and exhaled deeply with that face. THAT stupid face. I could be her, you know? I could be twenty inches shorter, black haired girl with horse face. I could be the girl of your fucking bad dreams. But you still wanted to try me and put me aside when you got a chance.

So, guess what? Go fuck yourself.

Mi CV dice de mí que voy de SEO con título en PPC y me va el SMO. Qué locura. Los desconocidos dicen de mí que rubia lista en mano es tan poco habitual que se dejan encandilar. Yo digo que Jekyll&Hyde y aquí no ha pasado nada.